LEQUOIA Unternehmensberatung
Walter Middeldorf

Hauptstr. 42 B
83666 Waakirchen

Mobil: (+49) 0172 / 853 05 92
E-Mail: middeldorf@lequoia.com

Unser Standort

Das Büro umfasst heute feste professionelle Berater und für Spezialthemen Kooperationspartner. Wir konzentrieren uns auf die ganzheitliche Beratung mittelständischer Unternehmen.


  • Working with Walter Middeldorf is always happening at a high level driven by his extrem professionalism, great experience and superb skills. By doing this Walter never forgets benevolence. Always cheerful and affable. A great person. I only can strongly recommend Walter Middeldorf, business wise as well as a great person to know.

    Werner Kühn, Country Manager Central Europe, Avocent Corp.
  • I know Walter now for over 5 years. He is a great networker, open minded, very enegetic and always has an “open line” for you, nevertheless he does not loose focus. In his job I have experienced him very analytical, target and customer orientated with the focus on closing assignments to the long term benifit Lesen Sie mehr…

    Oliver Dietrich, Country Manager Spain & Portugal, Funkwerk Enterprise Communications
  • Walter has an impressive knowledge about people. It is not just his huge network but also his sensitive understanding of individual personalities and his ability of judging skills that enables him to understand which people will fit best to which team.

    Johannes Friebe, Sales Manager Workstation Graphics EMEA, AMD Technologies GmbH
  • Walter Middeldorf was a very result-oriented and strategic manager. He is a superior relationship-manager. He always managed to create win-win situations. He is a natural leader! It’s been a pleasure making business with him!

    Bernd Bronstert, Client of LEQUOIA Unternehmensberatung